QuantDev is a core of methodologists at Pennsylvania State University – primarily with backgrounds in quantitative psychology and statistics. We aim to stimulate, coordinate, support, and disseminate research and teaching about the use of quantitative methods in social science.

We develop new methods for the study of human behavior – measurement, study design, and analysis techniques – and use them to study behavioral change. We consult and collaborate with a broad range of social scientists on research projects that span multiple time-scales and levels of analysis  (cells to society, milliseconds to millennia, cradle to grave).

We are always looking for interesting people and projects – especially creative and innovative ones. The group maintains an active grant portofolio and often contributes to new grant applications through consultation and collaboration. If interested in working on a proposal, joining the team, or pitching an idea – send us a note.

QuantDev Brownbag - Spring 2017  (Mondays 12:00 noon in HHD Building 101) 

This weekly seminar is a forum for sharing ongoing work - in ways that encourage discussion and thought about potential synergies. Mid-term goals through a couple of semesters are increased awareness of "the big picture” of what everyone is working on and the ability to identify skills/expertise that may be useful in new projects/proposals/papers.

Date Speaker Title
1/16/2017 Nilam Ram I Have a Dream ... (with a nod to Dr. King)
1/23/2017 Xiao Yang IIV + Network
1/30/2017 Lu Ou  
2/6/2017 Allison Gray  
2/13/2017 Chris Beam  
2/20/2017 Tim Brick  
2/27/2017 Rachel Koffer  
3/6/2017 (Spring Break)  
3/13/2017 Meng Chen  
3/20/2017 Sy-Miin Chow  
3/27/2017 Linying Ji  
4/3/2017 Zita Oravecz  
4/12/2017 Manuel Voelkle  
4/17/2017 Julie Wood  
4/24/2017 Libby Benson