Lizbeth Benson

Graduate Student Researcher

I received a BA in Psychology with honors from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2011 and spent the next three years working as a research coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center. Currently I am a sixth year PhD student and University Graduate Fellow, working under the mentorship of Dr. Nilam Ram.  My research interests include developing, adapting and applying existing quantitative methods for studying emotion, self-regulation, psychological well-being, and physical health across the lifespan. In particular, I am interested in dynamical systems theories and methods for studying intraindividual variability and change across multiple time scales. Data visualization has also become an important component of my work as a way to better understand these processes, generate new ideas, and to use as a tool for scientific communication. In my first year of graduate school, I founded the We R: R Users Group @ Penn State. We R is a weekly meet-up providing an interdisciplinary workspace, discussion, and presentation forum for those who use (or would like to learn) the R statistical platform for scientific pursuits. I also participate in Playing the Archive ( projects with a group of scientists, musicians, artists, and engineers, where we collaborate in building a dynamic archive of data visualizations (art), sonifications (music) and haptic representations. Each year the crew delivers art+science concerts, gallery showings, and workshops to engage the community through participatory data immersions. To promote STEM education efforts, I am involved in outreach activities as part of the Graduate Women in Science Nu Chapter at Penn State


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