The BeingWellProject is a research project in which we re-imagine well-being as a complex dynamical system. By combining cognitive psychometric techniques and dynamical systems modeling, the goal is to unpack the mechanisms, pathways, and synchronicity dynamics of emotional and cognitive elements of well-being. We conduct ecological momentarily assessment studies in which participants report on their well-being while living their everyday life. Moreover, we are also interested in studying how these well-being elements synchronize with physiological measures, such as blood volume pulse and electrodermal activity, gathered passively via wearable health monitors. This design makes it possible to assess associations between reported changes in emotional experiences, cognitive appraisals, and physiology in response to real life events.  The goal is to explore how person-specific patterns in these physiological variables can improve understanding of changes in self-reported well-being measures, and provide for deployment of real-time interventions.