iSAHIB: Intraindividual Study of Affect, Health and Interpersonal Behavior

Project Team

David E. Conroy, PhD
Aaron L. Pincus, PhD

The Intraindividual Study of Affect, Health and Interpersonal Behavior is an intensive longitudinal study that collected rich repeated measures of its namesake variables at multiple time-scales. Participants, 150 adults (age 18-89 years, 51% women) from the Pennsylvania State University and surrounding community, completed three 3-week "measurements bursts" during which they reported on their social interactions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Innovative study design that combined use of smartphone-based and web-based assessments provided rich data on behavior that unfolds across, hours, days, months, and years. The breadth, depth, and length of the study are supporting a wide array of substantive research and serving as a playground for methods development. 

If interested to collaborate, please have a look at the study materials and documentary - and send a note to Nilam Ram (nur5 at

Related Publications

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