Publication Date:
Author(s): Zita Oravecz, Timothy R. Brick
Publisher: Sage Periodicals Press
Publication Type: Academic Journal Article
Journal Title: Social Psychological and Personality Science
Volume: 10
Issue: 7
Page Range: 864-873

“Core affect”—defined as momentary valence (pleasantness) and arousal (activation) levels—plays an important role in our emotional experiences. We examined the relationship between the “fast-timescale” (moment-to-moment) changes in core affect and “slow-timescale” (trait-level) indicators of emotional functioning. Results from an experience sampling study showed that daily valence and arousal baselines were positively related to emotional well-being. Furthermore, we found meaningful positive associations between fast-timescale core affect regulation and the habitual deployment of reappraisal as emotion regulation strategy.